Recommendation to Jean Alain for the case of Medusa

About the file The case of the jellyfishExceeding twelve thousand pages, Jottin Gurry assured me that he had seen a portion of it, had read what appeared in the press, and had thought sources. Public Ministry They are very strong.

“It’s a very unfortunate case… because the evidence is so strong, there’s not much to say about it; it’s a very solid file and new features are coming out every day, and I personally thought, maybe, he (former lawyer Jean Alain Rodriguez) It will be convenient for him to negotiate as others have done and as his right-hand man has done,” lawyer Resinas pointed out on the show, which was hosted by journalists Ramon Nunez and Adelaida Martinez.

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He called for them not to be limited to the ex-lawyer because he understands that there are others within the government hierarchy who manage funds larger than the one he managed, and public rumor indicates that they have been illegally enriched.

“But at some point it had to start and it started there, I repeat, the file is very solid and very strong. Now what they have to do is submit to action. justice Also, keep investigating the other cases that will surely come up, as there are many who are not invited in connection with other cases outside. That would be a punishment.

He said that if you don’t start at some point, like the domain seizure law, the state will simply disappear, it will collapse, because everything is up to one day.

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Finally, when the question was raised whether the constitution should be reformed or not, if it was because of the aspect of MP’s independence, it would not make sense because this institution exists.

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