AFIN chief on irregularities in the Ministry of Transport: “Improvisation gives way to corruption”

Lawyer Leonie RockPresident of the Association for the Promotion of Infrastructure (AFIN), highlighted the need for an “institutional” presence in Ministry of Transport and Communicationswith a lower turnover of positions, in order to address the infrastructural deficiencies that the country suffers from.

said in RPP . News.

The president of the Business Association of Major Infrastructure Franchisees for Public Services described the relationship between this institution and the Department of Transportation as “extremely difficult” during the administration of outgoing Minister Juan Silva, whom she was unable to meet to discuss public policy issues.

“This constant rotation (in deputy ministries), this lack of institutionalization, this lack of a sense of the importance of the issues that are in Ministry of Transport and Communications They are very worried. I will not comment on corruption cases because there are cases to investigate, but it is clear that there is a problem of loss of institutions that does not come from this government.”

Greater project planning

At another time, the businesswoman attributed the presence of corrupt figures in the state to the deficiencies in the general contracting law, the lack of control systems, and the poor stability of public officials, which generates their income with the slogan “I am responsible for everything.” I can walk the road because they can take me out at any moment.”

“Just as we have had very scandalous cases of deputy ministers because it is a very important sector that deals with budgets of billions of dollars. Unfortunately, there is a fundamental problem in the way we plan things: if we have clarity every year on projects, there will be no room for political negotiation. “.

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“But if things (projects) like rabbits come out of the hat, this improvisation obviously gives way to corruption. In other countries they find you corrupt and you go to jail, and that sets the tone for the citizens’ demand in corruption cases and trials here take three or four years.”

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