San Ysidro's high concentration of illegals causes migration to be “thrown away”

The Directorate of General Migration (DGM) intervened in the San Isidro El Labrador residential complex with the same name as San Isidro. Rental businesses and random mattresses.

According to Kelvin Rodríguez, the site's security manager, legal foreigners rent apartments for as much as RD$15,000, usually to tenants who live outside the country and are unaware of the situations that arise.

Under this umbrella, house renters share space and charge for rooms and mattresses, which are even distributed on the roof during sleeping hours.

“More than 20 people enter the same house and because they don't fit, what they do is they raise mattresses on the roofs of the buildings at night, sleep there and come down normally in the morning. It's a situation,” Rodriguez told reporters from List's Diario.

Between Thursday night and last Friday, immigration has seized about fifteen illegal Haitians on campus after receiving multiple complaints from residents.

That's not enough

More than 14,000 people live in the residential complex, according to the security chief, distributed in some 4,288 apartments, which are divided into blocks, only one of which takes precautions with people who come to live there.

“Each constituency has its own ward council that takes decisions for the constituency and only in constituency K they are responsible for ensuring that those who go there are not going to cause trouble in the future,” he said.

In all the remaining buildings, they have now gone through a situation where they are on alert and constantly asking for help from the Directorate of Immigration.

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However, while this is part of the solution, the DGM's actions are not worth the trouble.

“Now it's up to the neighborhood associations to make the decisions about what they'll do because they can't evict them because they're renting an apartment, and despite trying to communicate with the owners, we're not getting good results.” he said.

Some neighbors who spoke to List's Diario confirmed the information.

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