Samsung has filed a lawsuit against its Galaxy S20 series phones for design flaws


1 May 2021 04:50 GMT

Plaintiff claims for several cases of cracks and fractures in the rear camera of cell phones, for no apparent reason.

Law firm Hagens Berman, an American law firm specializing in consumer cases, Given On April 27, Samsung filed a lawsuit alleging design flaws in its Galaxy S20 series of smartphones. The lawsuit was settled out of court in New Jersey.

In particular, the plaintiff represents several cases Spontaneous cracking and rear camera glass breaking On cell phones, for no external reason. Therefore, Hagens Berman cites several specific cases to verify the severity of the problem.

“It simply came to our notice then [el dispositivo] It was in my bag at a table in the hospital. I did not drop it or touch it, it was a safety case since I opened it, “said one owner.

The company, according to the plaintiffs, states Ignore the problem, Hagens Berman’s lawyers want compensation for the South Korean company.

“Consumers should not pay for Samsung’s defective design. Galaxy S20 owners Worthy of compensation For operational loss and costly alternatives, read a report from the law firm.

As stated in the Hagens Berman document, Samsung acknowledged the existence of the problem and acknowledged its cause: it is all due Internal pressure building under glass, Maintains the company.

However, the company refused to cover the technical failure with warranty, with the burden of replacing complex components costing hundreds of dollars. Customers will fall.

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