Adjournment adjourned – Maj. Gen. Adon Koseros defends himself as MP Says the truth is distorted

Three defendants in the Corruption Network, who were baptized in coral, broke the mantle yesterday, intervening in a persuasive trial and suspending permanent attention as they challenged Judge Kenya Romero of the court.

A change was first made by Pastor Rosie Guzman, then by Major General Adon Caesar Sylvester and then by Col. Rafael Nice de Asa. These statements sought to justify the need to adjourn the hearing requested by the legal representatives of those involved in the file, which had already been rejected by the magistrate.

Koserus Sylvestre, the defense chief and main defendant in former President Danilo Medina, complained that the public prosecutor’s office had distorted the truth and portrayed him as a criminal.

“I have noticed, there are not many lies. I have noticed the twisted truth against me and my dignity. It has touched me deeply as a magistrate. I am presented as a criminal. I must have ways to get rid of all this,” the military said. He pointed out that he needed the support of his constituents to achieve this

Kados. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. , But said that was not enough.

“To prove my roots in this process, I gave them the names of several people who could be my guarantors, but in the little time left yesterday it was impossible and they could protect the steps they had to take in different places to buy components,” he revealed.

Vulnerable and helpless
Guzman said he felt completely vulnerable to his security because he did not have time to present the documents to his lawyers and the budget he needed.

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“I understand wisely, Madam Magistrate, that you may consider this situation which I consider unsafe because you are also there to guarantee my rights,” he said.

With the magistrate’s decision to dismiss the request to adjourn the trial, Nice de Asa said he was left unprotected.

“We have already noticed that the tests were delivered digitally two days ago, of which 10 to 20% were able to read and analyze,” he said, adding that after the addition they were announced on USB, and there was no way they could see it. He pointed out that it was difficult for his lawyer to analyze the documents and select the required budget.

In the meantime

Due to a challenge to Judge Kenya Romero, the persuasive hearing was adjourned until a hearing by the National District Court of Appeal.

Attorney Felix Portes accused his client of being insecure because the evidence deposited by the public prosecutor had not been physically presented to him and they did not have time to get to know them.

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