“Madurismo Moves Its Own People in Election Simulation, But Results Favor Edmundo González”: Political Analyst

Nicolás Maduro announced last Monday, July 1, the resumption of negotiations with the United States..

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“I have accepted the US government's proposal to resume direct talks,” the top leader of Venezuela's ruling party said.

Jorge Rodríguez, he said, will be the “Chairman of the National Dialogue Commission.” “We are going to discuss and look for new agreements so that the one signed in Qatar will be fulfilled.”

The move by the Venezuelan leader comes 26 days before presidential elections in the Caribbean nation.

In an interview with NTN24 program La Tarde, Antonio de la Cruz, political analyst, oil expert and president of Inter American Trends, noted this point.

“Maduro's lack of international support is kicking the table. Today, nine out of ten Venezuelans want regime change. Although they (Madurismo) moved their own population in the election simulation, the results favored candidate Edmundo González.De la Cruz said.

“At this moment everything indicates that we are going to a change (…) There is going to be a change in Venezuela”he added.

According to the CNE schedule, the presidential election in Venezuela will be held next Sunday, July 28.

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