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She is one of the most successful Mexican actresses in recent years and has received worldwide recognition for her work. “”, The Telemundo Telanovela, where‘ Rutilla Casillas ’plays the daughter of Raphael Amaya in fiction.

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The 31-year-old actress continues to work on other projects and will join the cast of the new Delanovela , Where he will give life to the ‘Gliss Bonnet’, thereby showing that he has a great talent for comedy.

He was able to gain a place in the acting world thanks to his outstanding talent, which helped him grow professionally. However, on a personal level, the actress has reflected that she has some insecurities, especially with her body.

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Securities of the Carmen App

The recalled ‘Rutilia’ caused a revolution on social networks with a video shared on her Instagram account in which she showed off her well-worked body and beautiful bikini.

Although the video was widely accepted by her followers, the Mexican actress admitted that she came to listen to the opinion of others before uploading due to social pressure and unfortunately the stereotypes that women constantly suffer from.

“Before posting this video I had to ask two people what they would think. Too bad? A man does not have to worry about ‘what they think’, but as a woman I have to ask whether it is right or they ask ‘why?’ ‘No need’, what is needed? Or is my bathing suit more exposed when I think ‘in bathing suits it will be different’, but easier to feel myself in underwear? ”, App played along with the video.

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In recent years, the actress, who has embarked on the path of personal development, has led herself to accept herself as the most independent and highly self-confident woman she is today.

“Even if they don’t know me, people will want to label me with a name that gives me so much peace, and as the saying goes, ‘Women need to be freed, have a good ass and still be able to shake it’ (Shirley McLean)” Next to the record is a 31-year-old translator.

The video, which crossed 900 thousand views in just a few hours, was appreciated by its followers, middle class and anonymous people.

“You’re beautiful everywhere, free”, Did not take much time to comment Fernanda Castillo, Who has worked with the actress for many seasons Lord of the heavens.

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