Samsung could launch a new rotating camera smartphone

Samsung has invested in very different camera models over time. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A80 had a flipping camera. The company is currently exploring another design that could be found in the future Galaxy model.

The patent was recently viewed by Let’s Go Digital, which was released in January 2021 by the World Intellectual Property Office. It features a Samsung phone with rotating cameras on the back of the device. The design describes a phone that can have three cameras on the back without a dedicated selfie camera. However, if the user wants to take a selfie, the rear camera line rotates 180 degrees to face the user.

This allows the camera positioned above to act as a selfie shooter. The design will allow the main camera to function as a selfie camera, improving image quality. This feature is undoubtedly the highlight of the Samsung Galaxy A80. The patent suggests that the two rear cameras can be modified to act as front-facing snipers. In theory, this would allow Samsung to use a wider angle front shooter.

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