Samsung apologizes for restricting Galaxy S22 performance

The controversy is over Limit What Samsung Used for the performance of its smartphones including the new one Galaxy S22, Keep talking. The thing is Zhang Hee HanCEO of South Korea’s Mobile Devices Division Apologies to users who were affected by this situation.

Published as ZDNet, The manager mentioned the incident during the annual meeting with stakeholders that took place this Wednesday. The same, Samsung was recognized as the reference company Does not give relevance related to the concern of its customers in this matterHe apologized for that.

But beyond trying to show that the company is not acting with bad faith in this matter, Zhang-hee Han used some clarification about what happened to the performance limit of the Galaxy S22 and other enterprise devices. One that is logical, especially since corruption has reached such a level in South Korea Already under investigation by the FTCFair Trade Commission of the country.

The system seeks to establish whether Samsung has promised more than the Galaxy S22 can actually deliver, and whether it violates fair advertising and labeling laws.

The CEO of the South Korean company acknowledged that the discomfort arose from the implementation. GOSOr Game Upgrade Service. It is an application that the company incorporates into its mobile devices, but users cannot manually uninstall or disable it. According to Hon, the aim is to improve the use of resources on their smartphones while running games; He added that the CPU and GPU limits apply to a competition that does not affect performance.

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