Samsung Introduces Smart Dings Cuisine at CES 2021 – Recipes Recommended and Guided by the Cooking Process

Samsung Introduces Smart Dings Cuisine at CES 2021 – Recipes Recommended and Guided by the Cooking Process

The CES Technology Exhibition also introduces the latest innovations for gastronomy enthusiasts. Samsung today announced that it will be offering one of the most popular features of the Family Hub refrigerator directly through the app on your smartphone. Cooking Smart Dings.

SmartTouching Recipes recommends cooking tips depending on your preferences, but also recommends dietary restrictions added by the user. At the same time, based on the data included, it is possible to create weekly meal plans. Throughout the cooking process, the application will provide instructions and suggestions on the selected recipe.

In addition, the app syncs with all compatible Samsung cooking devices. For example, the family-centric refrigerator can order food, and the front control slide-in range oven can automatically heat up, while SmartDouings guides every step of the cooking process. Therefore, the application recommends customized cooking tips according to each user’s preferences, based on the ingredients in the refrigerator.


Each recipe is presented in such a way that the cooking process is gradually guided and simplified. By synchronization, the interpretation of each step is similar to a cooking lesson directly from home. Samsung also offers a list of recipes categorized according to appetite, ingredient or mood. It is an independent service that can be accessed through smartoutings. However, with the family-centric refrigerator, users can also enjoy a smart dining plan.

The SmartDowings app is currently used by more than 33 million people, and the family-centric refrigerator has won its sixth consecutive CES award for innovation this year.

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