Salvador Nasrallah: ‘If Yani wants to join the alliance wisely, welcome’

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.- After promising to form an alliance with the people who voted for Yanni Rosenthal, the leader of Honduras’ Salvador Party promised to give the leading candidate a chance this Monday. Elections within liberals, according to exit results.

Yani Rosenthal Last Sunday, March 14, 45.5% of the electorate appeared to be favorites as a result of the preliminary results. That figure gives him an advantage over his rival, Louis Zelaya, with whom Nazarella agreed to a fight in the next general election in November.

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Both Nasrallah and Zelaya have been fierce critics of Rosenthal’s contribution to the popularly elected office, and since he was jailed in the United States after being convicted of money laundering, they doubt his ability to run the country’s regime.

However, during an interview for a capital radio station, Salvador Nasrallah This opened up a small opportunity that had previously seemed unthinkable to Yani. When asked what his response would be if Yani asked him to join the coalition, he said: “What if Salvador Nasrallah and Wisdom wanted to join the alliance? Louis ZelayaFor the benefit of Honduras, we welcome you later, “said the famed TV presenter.

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Nasrallah did not specify what the ‘sensible’ way would be Rosenthal Can be included in his political plan, but he stressed the importance of voting “on the plate” for opposition representatives because “they are fundamental” so that from January 2022 the government can repeal the laws approved in the current decree.

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