Salinas Pligo to Give Away 100 Tickets to Luis Miguel Concert

RICARDO SALINAS BILICO Back as a trend in social networks he asked If it is give appropriate A One hundred tickets for the concert of Luis Miguel at the Mexico City Arena. El Sol will be presented on November 21, 22 and 24, 2023 at the venue located in Azcabotzalco City Hall.

Will Ricardo Salinas provide Luis Miguel concert tickets?

in your account Twitter (He has more than 1 million followers), Salinas Felico asked the following question: “Would that be wise Luis Miguel Presented in Arena Ciudad de México and I Give up Some 100 tickets And N suite room?”.

About 9 thousand people voted In the census. He 88.7percent Among the participants “Yes“, while the rest, 11.3 percent, chose “no”.

Tickets for ‘small fares’

On the other hand, entrepreneurs was added For his striking publication: “The Tickets We will sell them Inside Small payments Pay a little.”

When is presale for Luis Miguel concert?

Santander want Presale Luis Miguel will perform 11 concerts Mexico. Beneficiaries of the specified bank can purchase their tickets before they are available to the general public. May 16 and 17. You can enter dates, cities and more details

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