Reveals why he likes famous actress Carlos Rivera so much

Carlos Rivera Placeholder Image Although he had a romantic relationship, he was one of the most desirable players in the middle of the show Cynthia RodriguezThis does not prevent other celebrities from sending compliments to the singer through his official Instagram account.

This time it was the actress Consul Duval Sending bold compliments to the translator ‘I haven’t forgotten you yet’, the host of ‘Netas Divinas’, Rivera commented on one of the pictures showing her image.

Without further ado, the comedian also wrote in the release that it looks like the young singer is rehearsing a dance: “Papasotodotodot”, With loving eyes and many hearts and faces.

Other celebrities, such as Blanca Martinez “La Siguella”, were added to the comment box: “How’s the kilo call?”. In addition, he could not miss the participation of his girlfriend Cynthia, he limited himself to writing “Oops”, Followed by the face of love and fire.

Recall that Carlos and Consul worked together for two seasons.Who is the mask?‘, A television project in which they participated as researchers, from which a good friendship was born.

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