Cobarmix rejects the CCHL Grupo Milenio

the Confederation of Employers of the Mexican Republic (CobarMEX) spoke against the new General Law for the Humanities, Science, Technology and Innovation, Posted in The Official Gazette of the Union last May 8thwhich creates Conacet’s disappearance and strengthens the new council that implements the humanities, Conahcyt, To prove that it is a violation of human rights.

“From Coparmex we express our deep concern and our rejection of the approval process and content of the General Humanities, Sciences, Technologies and Innovations (HCTI) Act, because it is central, exclusive, violates human rights and deepens the militarization of the HCTI,” the union said in a detailed statement.

He explained in the document that in order to establish the aforementioned development in research and technology in the country, as well as competitiveness, a comprehensive and future vision is required, in which the voices of academics and researchers are heard and respected, and for which they find it disturbing that the new standard stipulates that Board of Directors of the National Council for the Humanities and Technologies It integrates exclusively through dependencies and affiliate entities Federal Public Administration (APF)leaving universities, research centers, academia and associations of higher education institutions.

“Although they may be invited to the sessions of the board of directors, they have a voice, but they do not have the right to vote. The foregoing marginalizes the scientific and academic community of the country from making major decisions on this issue, and strengthens the militarization that was occurring in the country, In this case in the field corresponding to science and knowledge, where among the agencies that make up the aforementioned council are the Minister of National Defense (Sedena) and the Minister of the Navy (Semar), without any justification for this, ”he denounced.

Other serious aspects that the Confederation notes is that with this new provision, the obligation of the state to invest no less than one percent affiliate gross domestic product in science, technology and innovation, adding that in addition, Students and researchers from private educational institutions are discriminated against Excellence in providing grants, support and incentives related to training and scientific research.

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In addition, he pointed out that HCTI Act Restricts promotion and support for various research projects and activities that are not a priority – as mentioned in tonational genderwhich violates academic and research freedom and adds a degree of discretion in the matter, all of which are very dangerous and regression aspects.

Kobarmix denounced that these negotiations were not studied and discussed with specialists, and that is why they consider it an authoritarian method.

“As disturbing as the content of the law is the legislative process that followed to approve it. It was one of the laws that was approved on the so-called “Black Friday,” approval fast track He did not have the requisite deliberation to leave the seven open Parliaments which were to remain unfinished, only two of which were convened. So it is a rule that did not attend or take into account the opinions of experts, civil society, the business sector, or researchers and students. Therefore, the issuance of a unilateral law that does not include the diverse and pluralistic contributions of society.

Pronunciation coincided with Red Pro Ciencia MXwhere he indicated the extreme seriousness of the law, which was approved after giving credence to false information published by the Conacyt leadership, in which he made false statements about the transfer of resources from Innovation Incentive Program (PEI)to blame the companies that did not get public resources through that plan.

“This law is nonsense erased with a stroke of a head from the accumulated experience of the Consit 42 years. We urge legislators to exhaust legal paradigms to determine the validity and constitutionality of a rule with obvious flaws in origin. We affirm that the drive for innovation and growth should be research and innovation with social impact as a feature , which means strong support for talent, as well as incentives for entrepreneurs, companies and universities. Nobody is better than everyone together, “Cobarmix concluded.


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