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If you have a $1 bill, pay attention, because you can get thousands of dollars if you get another one with the same serial number.

Each year the US government prints trillions of dollars for circulation.

But every now and then, tickets come out with errors.

This happened in 2016, when the Printing Office ordered two batches of $1 bills from two printing plants, which fulfilled the request.

This resulted in the printing of 6.4 million pairs of $1 bills with duplicate serial numbers. In other words, there are 12 million $1 bills in circulation with the same serial number.

These bills, due to error, may have a value much higher than the bills give.

Check your pockets if you have one.

Serial number, right of George Washington’s face, “Series 2013”

Above the serial number on the note is the Federal Reserve stamp “B”.

The serial number ends with an asterisk and falls between B00000001* and B0025000 or B03200001* and B0960000.

Depending on the condition of the bills — two with the same serial number are required — the bills could be worth anywhere from $20,000 to $150,000, according to Rich Nickel.

If you find two banknotes of this type – with the same serial number – check with a numismatist or collector to confirm their authenticity.

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