These are the official and authorized distributors of Apple

You can buy Apple product through official website and physical store. But if there is no Apple Store in your city and you want to buy the product from an official store or a store authorized by the brand, then in this post we are going to explain its types. Distribution channels are available to Apple.

Not all official stores are Apple Stores

Currently, in Spain, Apple has eleven Shops Officers. These are located in the following cities: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Murcia, Malaga, Valencia, Valladolid and Zaragoza. However, if we want to buy an iPhone or Mac in a physical store and we don’t have an Apple Store, most likely there is an Apple or authorized store near you.

Although it may seem otherwise, not all official Apple Stores are Apple Stores. These are all companies that we will be looking at to brand products and services. They are unique stores in the sense that there are no other businesses or other brands selling their own products within the Apple Store.

However, here’s where a name comes into play that might seem a bit strange at first: apple store Yes, it exists and it’s an official Apple Store model. Apple Stores are stores dedicated exclusively to the brand, while Apple Stores are Apple Stores but located within other companies. Additionally, Apple Shops are designed and controlled by Apple, as well as Apple employees.

What types of companies can you find the Apple Shop at? One of the most common cases is shopping centers and supermarkets. Cases like Fnac have an entire section dedicated to technology, including a A place dedicated to Apple products and services. We are talking about Apple Shop which is different from other brands because they have their own design space.

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Therefore, Apple controls (directly) two types of companies in Spain. This way, even if we don’t have an Apple store near us, but it is located in another company, we can replace going to an official Apple store.

Apple Premium Resellers

An Apple Store is a store 100% dedicated and controlled by Apple, while an Apple Premium Reseller is an organization recognized by the brand with a certain prestige. On the one hand, they sell the same products that are sold in the official Apple Store. On the other hand, they meet Apple’s standards in terms of customer service and knowledge of the brand’s products, services and ecosystem.

Apple is a premium reseller

Although these stores are 100% dedicated to the sale of Apple products and services, They are not directly controlled by the brand. However, even if they are not official, they are “yours” in the sense that they are recognized organizations and have your support. If you live in a city that doesn’t have an Apple Store nearby, going to a premium reseller is one of the best options for purchasing. Any Apple product is available in a store.

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