Sagittarius, March 2, 2021 Tuesday Horoscope | Sagittarius horoscope

Today you feel more than any other day, reunited with your groups, reunited with your friends. Today you are easily affected by fights with your friends and people. You want to stand out in your group, you want to look different and original. Moon 11th house, friends house.

Forecast for the day
Whether you are connected to your family or home today, it is more important to you today or passing your thoughts than usual. You feel or feel that you are more attached to your roots, however you may seek to cut with family patterns or traditions. The sun has roots in the house and home 4.

This day love is intense, you are so energetic, you can get excited when you act, you can channel this overflowing energy, you can become aggressive if something you think is not under your control. The energy of Aries is in love in the 5th house of love affairs.

Take care of your neck today, do neck exercises, move. Take care of your throat and lungs and do not expose yourself to changes in temperature. Protect yourself from the common cold. Taurus and Gemini are in the 6th house of health.

Today you are more practical, you can become more stable or more complex and changeable. Today you have a lot of two possibilities, for example; You may be distracted or find yourself trustworthy. All this because Taurus and Gemini meet at work in the 6th house.

Partner prediction
You want to express yourself in your relationship with your partner and today, you are intriguing and curious. You are very sensitive and can think a lot about things.
Take everything personally, don’t relate everything. Cancer and Gemini are in the 7th house of relationships.


Today you feel independent in finances. On this day you feel progressive and responsible with your money and can spend it on practical things for yourself. You may become a bit selfish or virtuous on the other hand. The combination of these characteristics gives you Capricorn and Aquarius in the 2nd house.

Love: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Friendship: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius.
Labor: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo.
Sexual energy: Good.

Today’s information
Take good care of your relationship with your groups and friends, a lot depends on whether you are right or wrong with them today. Keep this in mind as so much energy in love today becomes exciting and aggressive.

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