Russian astronauts begin growing vegetables on an industrial scale in their new International Space Station complex


10 ago 2021 01:33 GMT

To carry out the experiment, the ISS will come to a space greenhouse where peking cabbage, grains, legumes and even cherry tomatoes will be planted.

Russian astronauts begin to grow vegetables On an industrial scale The International Space Station (ISS) in its Nauka science module, Revealed To TASS Yuri Smirno, one of the leaders of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences this Monday.

The astronauts will begin the experiment by planting Beijing cabbage, after which they can grow grains, legumes and even dwarf tomatoes (cherries), he said. A portion of the harvest will be used As food, Another will be sent to Earth for analysis.

The “Vitatsykl-T” test creates a greenhouse that allows plants to grow on an industrial scale, “Smirnov pointed out. Sent to the Space Conservatory ISS Like a snail. “At certain intervals, an astronaut places a piece of seed in the greenhouse. Then, he moves the drum and, after a while, places the next piece. At each specific time, the astronaut can collect the harvest,” he explained.

Russian Nauka Vol

New Russian volume-laboratory Nauka Chopped To the ISS on July 29th. Its Start It was produced by Pykonor Cosmotrome on July 21 and was the first volume sent into space by Russia In the last 11 years.

It is 13 meters long, weighs over 20 tons and has 56 square meters of solar panels. It is expected to contribute to the development of the Russian part of the ISS and in the future it will be even possible Serves as the basis for a new independent Russian orbital site.

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Construction of the block began in 1995 with the aim of starting in 1995. However, the production schedule was exhausted and the release was delayed for several years.

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