He has no regrets! Lalo Mora responds to allegations of “unwanted touching” by his fans News from Mexico

Mexico.- Lalo Mora caused a stir on the networks Where a video spreads He appeared to be kissing the mouths of his fans The one who told me to take a picture with the artist, there were women too Received inappropriate physical attitudes.

With the clip on stage, the singer received hundreds of reviews They were accused of being bad For committing such acts, Mora was assured that there was nothing wrong and that he would not regret it.He wants women, but to die“, He revealed.

During the broadcast for “Hi Thea”, the translator of “Go With Him” ​​promised that he did not know about the controversy. After kissing and touching To his followers who met him in Aguascalientes, he justified himself to the mediaI am a man, I like women”.

About kisses Lalo Mora She said she didn’t look bad for being women who looked sexy to her.Well, we like women and want to give them a little kiss What is wrong and how strange? ”, The artist agreed.

With these strong statements, the hosts of the show decided Warn to be careful in the actions of the king of a thousand crowns Nowadays, the attitude he approaches with his fans does not seem to be unanimous in their role, even if the followers appear to be “out”.

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