Russia attacks many cities from north to south

Spain launches energy-saving program in the face of Russian “threats” to cut off gas supplies

Spain set the maximum air-conditioning temperature in shops and many indoor public spaces at 27 degrees Celsius (80.6 Fahrenheit) from Wednesday, after an energy-saving law came into effect Wednesday to cut off natural supplies due to “threats” from Russia. Gas to Western Europe.

“Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, threats of partial or total interruption of natural gas supplies from Russia to the European Union have frequently occurred,” according to the official bulletin of the Spanish state of August 2, which published the law. Energy saving.

The energy savings plan aims to reduce demand for gas and oil in Spain by 5% in the short term and expand the use of green energy sources, according to a government report on August 1.

EU member states, including Spain, “have agreed to voluntarily reduce natural gas demand by 15 percent this winter,” the EU said in a July 26 statement.

The law, approved by Spain’s socialist government earlier this month, establishes a maximum air conditioning temperature of 27ºC in department stores and small shops, hotel lobbies, cinemas, theaters, airports, train stations and government buildings.

The new law comes as high temperatures in many parts of the country are expected to reach 35C (95F) this week, following Spain’s hottest July in more than 60 years, the National Weather Service said.

Window lights in shops should be switched off at 10pm, and decorative outdoor lights in government buildings should be switched off at that time.

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Spanish media reported that the country’s largest supermarket chain turned off the lights in its store windows at 10pm on Tuesday, shortly before the law took effect.

The Madrid regional government, led by the main conservative party, condemned it as “arbitrary and dictatorial” and unconstitutional.

He complained that the socialist government’s legislation would make Madrid the only European capital that would switch off the lights in its shop windows at 10pm.

According to the new law, stores that enter the street must have doors that can be closed easily, even automatically, when using air conditioning or heating, so as not to stay open and waste energy, Environmental Change Minister Teresa Ribera said. He also said that it should be completed before September 30.

A representative of Madrid’s small business owners told Spain’s SER radio that the cost is estimated at 12,000 euros ($12,290) per shop.

The new law will limit winter heating temperatures to a maximum of 19C (66.2F) in the same public spaces as air conditioning standards of a maximum of 27C in summer. The Act will remain in force till October 1, 2023, the government said.

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