Rotten regains its motion; The second ship is coming today

Rotten, Honduras.

According to Antonio Murillo, the driver of one of the 400 taxis operating in Rotten, the arrival of the first ship to Paradise Island marks the economy of the Insular region back and forth since it was wrecked. Govt-19 Infection.

The last boat with foreign tourists arrived in Rotten on March 20, 2020, after which more than 400 families had no good times. Depending on the function.

On July 6, it was chopped Mulle Mahogany Bay, Cruise Line’s Carnival Vista comes from the port of Calveston (Texas, USA). The visit is the culmination of 16 months of inactivity and the resumption of travel operations in Honduras Govt 19 International Distribution.

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Although the boat had a capacity of 4,683 passengers, only 2,940 tourists arrived due to life safety regulations. “This is a relief to us because there is more movement of people. Not only the incoming tourists, but also the crew and mobilizers working on the ship. By reactivating the cruise ships, it puts us in more circulation. Murillo revealed.

Three more visits on the Carnival Vista ship to Rotten are scheduled for today, July 13, 20 and 27. This builds trust not only for the transportation business, but also for the island business and service providers in general. Each arrival of cruise ships leaves an economic movement of about $ 500,000 for the country (About 12.5 million lambs).

According to the data Honduran Tourism Institute (IHT)Some 270,000 families depend on tourists to create jobs or provide services.

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Between March and September 2020, shipping companies paid a loss of $ 77 million (approximately 1,898 million lambs) as shipping was suspended.

Also, $ 23 million was not paid and there was a loss of $ 518,000 Job positions.

The government began a few months ago with serious days to reactivate the national economy, implement biosafety measures in the tourism sector and vaccinate against COVID-19 in the Bay Islands. Responsible staff Public transport And related workers Providing tourism services.

Similarly, before arrival Carnival Vista Shipping, Approximately 187 taxi drivers benefited by providing masks and gels to ensure they comply with biosecurity measures, which is a basic requirement of tourism companies to reach a country.

In addition, all passengers traveling on cruise ships with boarding dates until October 31, 2021 must be fully vaccinated and tested for coveting. Before boarding the boats.

“This is a message of hope for all Hondurans. We should be proud that Rotten is one of the first places in the Caribbean to recall ships,” said Tourism Minister Nicole Marter.

“Roden knows how to care for tourists, which is why ships are coming back here because other countries still have a long way to go,” Mortar said.

Jerry Hinds, Mayor of Rotten, Described the return of the cruise ships as “an opportunity for the islanders to recover”.

The revenue of the Rotten Mayor’s office has dropped by 40% since the travel season was halted, a municipal official said.

Administrators of the island’s shipping ports reported 50% job losses Inactive 16 months.

“It’s an honor to get a ship after so long. This is a breath of fresh air for Rotten’s economy. We guarantee all incoming and outgoing workers No Govt-19An antigen must be tested to enter the terminal, ”said George Gillan, manager of Mahogany Bay Harbor.

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Tourists arriving on cruise ships to Rotan, mostly Europeans and Americans, stay for eight hours Enjoying the attractions of the island.

Visitors live personal experiences such as diving, snorkeling activities, kayaking and encountering dolphins to see the majestic coral reefs.

They are also transferred to the white sand beaches via cable car. Some people in the neighboring city of Santos Cardiola, especially in the community of Punta Corta, decide to get in touch with the culture of Corfuna, enjoy its rich cuisine and learn about it. Traditions and Travel Sites.

Tourists have an almost mandatory tour through the unique swamps of Santos Cardiola, which is a boat ride through the caves. Johnsville, Diamond Rock and Santa Elena communities.

Waiting for Canadian flights

In mid-November, Canadian commercial airlines are expected to resume operations with weekly flights to Rotan, said manager Juan Indiano. Juan Manuel Colves Airport. “When Canadian planes arrive, the airport will be 100% back to normal, just like before the epidemic,” Indiano said. “We are waiting for Canadian operators to send us their trips to start the winter. Tourism is definitely strengthening with the arrival of more flights. And cruise ships, ”he said.

American airlines American, Delta and United have already resumed operations with one and two weekly flights. National airlines also operate normally, starting July 2nd CM Airlines Flight It strengthens tourism between the two sites, from the El Aquacade Aerodrome in the Cadacamas of Olanzo to the Guanaja, Islas de la Bahia.

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