USA: Santiago Solari will not be comfortable with anyone

Santiago Solari Know Guard1anes 2021 Liga MX’s inaugural competition, If he wins it, the fans and the team will unanimously give him enough credit for his remaining relationship with him Eagles of America.

For this reason, Indicito understands that there are no more times to deal with fluctuations and analyze after the tour United States It will be necessary. And apparently, within the estimates, there is a particular case behind the other members of the campus from different circumstances. Cream blue.

According to L. Sniper from the RECORD newspaper, Santiago Solari I will not be comfortable Nicola Benedetti. Colombian who never achieved continuity Eagles of America, Was one of the players involved in that episode, which went viral before the fight பச்சுகா To League Also, to add insult to injury, he was unable to attend any of the scheduled meetings due to physical illness Tour Águila.


In these ways, a chance would have reappeared Renato Ibra, Because the coffee grower will find himself walking tight. Ecuador already reported a few days ago Copa, This Tuesday, until July 13th, which began to be part of the rest of the campus American.

Despite the conflicting versions, there are those who promise who wore the shirt forward last year Atlas Football Club, I can take a chance Eagles of America In the next match of the first division of football Mexico.

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