Rondan’s contracts with Odebrecht go through a qualifying test

Continuing deals with business motives between defendant Angel Rondan and the Brazilian firm Odebrecht were incorporated during the qualifying hearing at the National District First College Court, after which six people became embroiled in a bad case.

With the reading of one of the documents by the secretary of the trial court, the public ministry seeks to prove the allegation of bribery distributed by the construction company in order to obtain the functions of the state ministries. In particular, it corresponds to Section 1.3.

Defendant Rondon at each reading the documents to observe that the aforesaid agreements were for business purposes and were not signed or notified by the notary public.

The documents were confiscated by prosecutors (Pepco) from the Special Advocate for Anti-Corruption, who, during a search of his home, insisted that they were drafts of unimplemented plans.

Giselle Mundes, chair of the court, made an observation to the secretary after the commencement of the reading, so that each time one of the agreements was read, it was marked as if it had been signed by the parties.

Contracts with business intentions between the parties refer to the sale of real estate, in which Rondon is going to provide his service in conjunction with a Brazilian construction company, a secret agreement between the parties.

Similarly, Court Secretary Defendant Rondan is involved in livestock production, the Medal of Merit awarded by former President Danilo Medina, as well as the approval of this owner by Hasinda Los Angeles and La Fabrica Agro Industrial Los Angeles.

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Reports and bribes
Earlier, the court ruled that the statements of 1 and 54 employees of Odebrecht, identified as Marcelo Odebrecht and Marcos Vasconcelos Cruz, should not be read in full.

The court, made up of Tania Jones and Gisele Naranzo, made the decision in light of part of its condemnation that they were not incorporated because they were not fully translated into Spanish.

In this sense, the judges ordered the court secretary to read only the parts in Spanish, because according to the Code of Criminal Procedure, only documents in this language can be attached to the trial. First, the court ruled that it was beginning to read the denunciations of Employee 1 (Marcelo Odebrecht) in Spanish, and that Pepco wanted to prove that six defendants were involved in the bribery scheme.

Pepco’s attorneys, Wilson Camacho, president; Mirna Artis, body case coordinator. And Jose Miguel Marmolejo, Brazil, asked the court to allow them to fully incorporate the award-winning statements of the company’s executives. This created opposition from the defendants’ defense attorneys, who asked that the translation be rejected as the translation had not been duly deposited by the Ministry of Public Works in the Secretariat of the Supreme Court and had already been done. Judged by the court.

Follow Monday.
The National District College Court reduced the case to 9:00 a.m. next Monday following a qualifying hearing in the Odebred case.

US $ 92 million.
The Brazilian company admitted to paying a $ 92 million bribe to provide public service in the Dominican Republic.

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The accused.
Angel Rondon Rijo, Vector Diaz Ria, Conrado Pitaluca Arseno, Porbrio Andres Batista Garcia, Juan Roberto Rodriguez Hernandez and former PLD senator Tommy Cullen have been indicted.

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