The effect of Biden’s ‘call’ is to lead to a humanitarian crisis on the US border

Mexico City.

An obvious nature exists in the American city According to, On the border of Mexico, although precisely from here to the United States I have refundedea many Undocumented Trying to go these weeks Migration crisis What exploded for the president Joe Biden.

Those people Left On the Mexican side of the International Bridge North Pass, Which worries activists in the region Hotels in Ciudad Juarez They are starting to be Meeting.

“I looked inside Juarez It’s confusing, “said Cecilia Herrera, a volunteer Immigrants to El Paso.

For this woman, the situation in the Mexican city is the opposite Hotels in El Paso, Where management is very orderly and rules are used to avoid infection Covit19.

Pitton’s “Call Effect”

Criticism rages Biden Due to the increase in the arrival of immigrants Undocumented, Many of them Minors Alone, after promising the most humane treatment.

Still, at the first press conference of his decree this Thursday, the president did not show himself With regret You have canceled your immigration policies Pioneer, Donald Trump.

On the edge, the Border Patrol Manipulate the entry of unsupported minors, they do not Exit immediately, They are sent to the reception centers.

Activists in According to The mass influx of children and adolescents is the reason for the fertility of frustration by parents to prevent children Minors Wait in Mexico because they are shipped alone Northern Country.

“Unfortunately, ‘Title 42’ (which includes expulsions) put parents in a very difficult position. Choose if your children If they stay with them or they enter the United States alone, “Lopez lamented.

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A situation that came up in El Paso

Immigration in Washington takes up the debate Politics, In According to This is a situation.

“What is happening now at the border is that we have thousands of people in the last two years of administration (Donald Trump Waiting inside Mexico Can enter the United States Ask for asylumMelissa Lopez, Executive Director of Diocesan Services for Immigrants and Refugees in El Paso, explained to EF.

“Now,” he continued, “we have one The new president, They see it as an opportunity To us “.

A few meters from the Mexican territory, According to It has rallied tens of thousands of people over the past 10 years, and their numbers vary depending on the conditions in their other countries. Its policies are included U.S. government on duty.

One of the measures Trump implemented during his administration was the Immigration Protection Code (MPP, also known as “Stay in Mexico”), which was enforced. Thousands of applicants Asylum in the United States to wait Mexico Their demands must be addressed.

Not included, not included for non-disclosure expressions

Biden screened White House Announcing the suspension of registrations in the MPP was the first of many measures to end those policies, which heralded the beginning of an era. Immigrants.

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However, when resetting Immigration system, The UndocumentedEntrants to the United States collide with the reality of express emissions.

In parallel, to According to Three groups of about 40 asylum seekers arrive daily, and their entry is approved after a Govt check, according to Herrera, departing elsewhere in the country within a maximum of 72 hours.

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“There is potential, there is Product “Said the volunteer. EFE

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