Rodolfo Hernandez’s Vice President Marlene Castillo Who, “The Perfect Stranger”

(CNN) – Marlene Castillo is little known in Colombian politics. In fact, it was only three months ago, after the vice-president was elected formula, that his name began to sound with fear among the people. Rodolfo HernandezThis Sunday he is the political candidate for the Anti-Corruption Governors Association Went to the second round And will compete with Gustavo Pedro for the presidency.

Today, two months after becoming Hernandez’s Vice President, little is known about Marlene Castillo, and much more compared to other Vice Presidential candidates who have already left the political race. France MarquezThe election was tumultuous in the internal consultations held on March 13th.

“More of the right strangers”, Noticias told Caracol Castillo53, noting that he came into politics two weeks before the first presidential round.

Rodolfo Hernandez’s vice-presidential formula is described as “People’s Colombian”. He was born in Galle, the third largest city in the country Catholic, “Devout Marianne, Guardian Virgin Believer”.

On March 30, 2022, during a debate in Bogot, Colombia, the Vice President of the League of Anti-Corruption Leaders’ Candidate, Marlene Castillo. (Credit: DANIEL MUNOZ / AFP via Getty Images)

Castillo is now one of Colombia’s political figures, but his name and face are little known.

Rodolfo Hernandez, his running assistant, Self-proclaimed “King of Dictok”His social networks have hundreds of thousands of followers, but Castillo’s almost invisible footprint on the networks may be against him in this field: Twitter, Facebook and his profile Instagram He has a few thousand followers so far, and has a low profile in the mass media.

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When announcing his election as Vice President, Hernandez gave him the campaign “Affectionate” but emotionally welcome To the castle. Unlike the Pedro-Marquez duo, the chances of him appearing with a popular candidate are slim.

Francia Marquez and Gustavo Pedro.

Castillo has been married for 28 years. And comes from a family Five sisters. His mother was a costume maker. He has dedicated his entire life to study and education: he has been a schoolteacher and has worked in higher education institutions for the past two decades.

He says he has studied all his life, and he is not wrong. He holds a degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Santiago de Galle, and is an industrial engineer at the Western Autonomous University in Galle (1995-2000). He holds a master’s degree in management from the University of Technology in Montreal and a doctorate in education from Nova Southeastern University in Florida (2013 – 2016). According to your application.

In fact, he said his contribution to Hernandez’s candidacy was his experience at the academy: “He’s experienced, the entrepreneur today is an entrepreneur, and I’m from the academy, the complement formula from education,” RCN told the news.

Although he had little experience in politics, Castillo He was able to deal with the questions About the alleged corruption scandals involving his candidate. Castillo says the prosecutor’s office has already indicted Hernandez in the Vitalology case about the criminal process of the corruption case, and that Hernandez and his family must “face them” and make the necessary decisions. “I’m sure it will not come to light,” Castillo said WRadio Colombia.

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Hernandez was innocent and pleaded not guilty at the last hearing of the case. The candidate insists that “a peso” was never stolen.

Education, a basic program

Prior to his appointment as Vice President Formula One, Castillo was Vice-Chancellor of Education at the University of Minoto de Dios in Bogot, and as an educator, one of the messages he carried most in appearing in the local media was the transformation of education from an early age. Childhood classrooms up to higher education.

Castillo insists it is for her. “Education is the machine that changes the country“.

“The weight in the formula between the engineer (Rodolfo Hernandez) and Marlene really belongs to the engineer,” political strategist Augusto Reyes told CNN. “Marlene is a highly exploitative figure that could be used for a second round.”

According to Reyes, Castillo’s academic career could contribute a lot to candidate Hernandez. Although Castillo shares some similarities with Francia Marquez, the truth is that Castillo has a different profile.

“There’s a big difference in the way Francia Marquez turns on Gustavo Pedro’s side. Castillo rarely appears with Hernandez.

“She’s an educator from the popular neighborhood of the city of Cali. She’s young, (she) is 53 years old.

Analysis | Rodolfo Hernandez’s strategy for the second round 7:34

Marlene Castillo and his visit to politics

As he told the local media, Castillo, who was the university director, was approached by an acquaintance and invited to run for vice president. Hernandez summoned his followers and made them recommend the people as his formula, and so he came.

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“When my friend called me, he said: Do you know the engineer Rodolfo Hernandez? Me: The old man from Bukaramanga?” Noticias said in Caracol. He said he had only known Hernandez for 15 days before announcing him as his vice president.

“Hernandez was not looking for a politician, but a woman of Pacific, Afro descent and who worked in the social sector,” he recalled, a few days after applying, Hernandez called himself. He contacted her on the phone and announced that she had chosen him as her partner.

Now, Hernandez and Castillo have three weeks to capture voters, and they want to win the presidency of Colombia, which is a great opportunity because, according to political strategist Augusto Reyes, Pedro has already reached the election ceiling, while Hernandez has a lot to gain. To grow.

“I believe the situation today is more favorable for engineer Rodolfo Hernandez than for Gustavo Pedro’s candidacy,” Reyes pointed out.

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