In a letter to Trump, House Republicans are calling for special advisers to investigate the election

Two dozen House Republicans are calling President Trump To guide the Attorney General See William According to a letter from Fox News, a special adviser will be appointed to investigate the November presidential election.

The letter, sent Wednesday morning, said Barr’s judiciary had not taken sufficient action to resolve the matter.

Trump doubts Texas Supreme Court case is ‘big’, ‘we will intervene’

“The Department of Justice has been asked on several occasions to initiate an investigation into this matter, but with the Department’s inaction and the Attorney General’s comments indicating your campaign and the reluctance of other elected officials across the country to investigate the allegations, the letter said.

The message was signed by 27 Republicans in Congress, including Reps Lance Guden, R-Texas, Paul Kosher, R-Aris., Louis Gomert, R-Texas, Thomas Masi, R-Guy, and Dead Put, RN. C. It is almost identical Letter Gooden sent on his own last week. A spokesman for Guten’s office said the new letter was the result of a “show of support” from Guten’s fellow Republicans.

‘Fight’ joins to challenge election before Missouri Supreme Court.

Gudan’s home state of Texas recently went to the Supreme Court against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, accusing the four warring states of improperly changing their electoral practices. The lawsuit alleges that special elections must be held in those states for the president to nominate voters, or that state legislatures appoint new ones if voters have already been appointed.

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Attorney General from Missouri, Louisiana, Arkansas and other states Announced Their support for the case.

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The report was contributed by Edmund DeMarch of Fox News.

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