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The attorney generals in the 17 states where Trump won have asked the Supreme Court to take up the case of Texas, which seeks unprecedented judicial intervention in the presidential election – not allowing the results of the four swing states that went to Biden.

Election law experts around the world have rejected a complaint by Trump ally Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R). But Trump is trying to turn it into some sort of conflict in the Supreme Court.

“We will intervene in the Texas (and many more states) case,” Trump wrote on Twitter Wednesday. “It simply came to our notice then. Our country needs a victory. ”

The Supreme Court – without significant disagreement on any justice, including Trump’s three candidates – rejected the Trump allies’ attempt to disqualify Pennsylvania’s election results. The effort was filed by Republicans loyal to the president.

The Texas initiative targets Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. Individual cases challenging the decisions of those states have been thrown out by state and federal judges. The Texas Attempt is reviewing some of the allegations of ballot fraud, mail-in ballots, and reconsideration procedures in a universal complaint. The Supreme Court has asked the target states to respond by Thursday, and the court’s decision on whether to pursue the case could come by the weekend. One of the demands from Texas was to delay the December 14 meeting of the Electoral College.

States have constitutional power to set the rules for elections, and challenging another state is almost unheard of. But those states that support Texas have said they will protect their own voters.

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Led by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt (R), the summary reads, “States have a strong interest in ensuring that the votes of their own citizens are not diluted by the unconstitutional administration of elections in other states.”

Missouri joins Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia.

Trump filed his own resolution to intervene, saying the Supreme Court should accept the Texas complaint to alleviate American distrust of the true winner of the election.

The logic is somewhat rounded because of Trump’s refusal to accept the election and his insistence that he won instead of Biden.

“It’s not surprising that almost half the people in the country believe the election was rigged. President Trump won every historic victory in the presidential election,” said John C. Eastman, a law professor at Chapman University. After listing some of the highlights of Trump’s election night – winning votes in Ohio and Florida. Received more votes than his 2016 campaign – Eastman wrote: “These things do not happen normally, and the vast majority of the American people know that something is deeply wrong.”

The filing repeated a number of complaints about voting procedures, including in failed cases filed across the country.

The filing did not accuse him of fraud, saying it was unnecessary. “It is necessary to prove that the elections of the respondent states have materially deviated from the electoral system established by the respective state legislatures. By failing to follow the rule of law, these officials have jeopardized our country’s confidence in elected self-government.”

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Eastman noted: “Despite the chaos of election night and the days that followed, the media continued to report that widespread voter fraud had not been proven, but this loses its point of view. The constitutional issue is not whether the state authorities violated the law by systematically easing polling procedures, but whether they violated the law.” It will be impossible. ”

Eastman testified on behalf of Trump in post-election organizations and Kamala D. Harris wrote a commentary on Newsweek questioning whether he deserved to be vice president.

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