Rodolfo Hernandez and Ingrid Bettencourt Alliance for Second Round – Election News – Elections 2022

Former Presidential Candidate Ingrid BettencourtHe sought to reach Gaza de Narino on May 21, representing the Verde Oxygeno party.

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After knowing his results, Rodolfo said he was going to lean his support towards Hernandez, The candidate who went to the second round with Gustavo Pedro in this Sunday’s election and gave a surprise.

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Betancourt, after learning of the first round results, spoke to Caracol Radio and He told the details of how the alliance was cooked.

“After the March 13 results, I talked to Sergio Fazardo, we both met and told him we needed to merge the center. We’ve managed what Figo had. I started talking about the center of the center, it was necessary, but nothing happened, “he promised.

Rodolfo Hernandez and Ingrid Bettencourt.


Press Ingrid Betancourt

After he had a discussion with the engineer, they commented that “they (had to (connect)), the one who came out with the score in the poll stayed, the others came out”.

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Betancout promised that attitudes began at that time. “With 10 days left in this first round, their last approach seemed to have failed. I told Rodolfo that he wanted to unite, that central option was to go to the second round, and that’s what we did. I gave my support. Rodolfo thinks Sergio will join.”

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Finally, in that conversation with the radio media, he declined to accept the support of the engineers and the former mayor of Bukaramanga for the remaining three final weeks until the second round of voting on June 19.

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