Ricardo Gareca received terrible news after being eliminated from Copa America 2024 with Chile

Ricardo Gareca's Chile side failed to get past the group stage of Copa America 2024 and 'Tigre' received terrible news. Know the details.

Chile failed to advance to the quarter-finals of the Copa America 2024 amid a dispute with the Colombian referee. William Roldan For his decisions on key plays such as Gabriel Suazo's dismissal. It is noteworthy that 'La Roja' could not beat Canada on the field either.

With this in mind, often the person “responsible” for the failure – so to speak – has a name and a surname. It is Ricardo Gareca was heavily criticized by the Chilean press For 'La Roja''s defeat at Copa America 2024, they bid farewell to the tournament with two points out of a possible nine, without scoring a single goal.

If 'Tiger' thought that what happened in America was going to happen in warm waters, he was very wrong, as he was quoted. The Chilean Football Federation must be held accountable About the participation of 'La Roja'. The meeting was originally scheduled for this week, but due to scheduling issues, it was postponed to next week.

“We decided to show it next week so he would have more time.”They are from the ANFP group led by Pablo Milad, the portal reported Third. One of the key points to be touched upon is a 270-minute clean sheet spanning three group stage matches.

Chile in Copa America

Chile make their 2024 Copa America debut against Peru. The 'Rose' had more possession and created more scoring chances, but luck was not on its side. In the second game, Ricardo Gareca's team lost 1-0 to Lionel Messi's Argentina.

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On the last date, Mapocho could not go beyond a draw against Canada, thus bowing out of the tournament. 'Tigre' has a few days to defend his team's defeat in the Copa America. The achievement was the third trophy in their history.

When will Chile play again?

The same fixture is set to return to the framework of the 2026 North American qualifiers on the 7th, when Ricardo Gareca's Chile travel to Argentina on 5 September.

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