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Eileen Zacola Cardenas*

As Election Day approached, the Federal Voter Registry was already preparing to reopen MACs and plan for what would be an intense annual campaign that would begin next September.

And that's the case, In order to provide citizens with the quality service we provide, planning, dedication and discipline are required.For this reason, at least four of the entity's ten MAC centers could have been opened the day after Election Day and all of them in the week immediately following the counting of votes in the regions.

As of today, with the units working at full capacity, we boast very good numbers of actions carried out throughout the Tlaxcalteca region. We are talking, for example, about 5,450 replacements of voting credentials, due to theft, loss or serious deterioration; 2,832 people were returned to the electoral register and the nominal voter list after the registration of the registers was canceled for reasons such as loss of validity of credentials or restoration of the electoral political rights of some citizens. And this is just to mention some of the possible actions in matters of registration.

Thus, during 24 effective working days, taking into account that the mobile MAC centers do not provide service on Saturdays, the service was provided to 23,179 citizens.not counting those who come just to ask for information or those who, for some reason, cannot complete their procedures when they appear at our facilities.

So what's next? In the coming weeks, there will be a double audit period, internal and external, which will allow us to identify potential opportunities to improve the service provided and, most likely, to obtain re-certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Which, in the case of Tlaxcala, we have already had at least three different certification organizations for more than 10 years.

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But that's not all, in this search for continuous improvement, we are already planning different strategies that will allow citizens greater and better access to the actions offered by INE through MACs, How Sunday service will be, but we will tell you another time. Excellent month and drive carefully!

* Member of the Local Executive Council of the Federal Voter Registry of the National Institute of Statistics in Tlaxcala

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