Renowned expert warns of Apple security flaw affecting 1 billion users


6 dic 2021 21:53 GMT

This point paves the way for hackers to access iMessages.

Internet security expert Zack Toffman has warned in a new article that about 1 billion Apple users could be affected by security vulnerabilities in the instant messaging service iMessage. Forbes This December 4.

According to the expert, the problem lies in the iCloud storage system and the general backups that users make on their iPhone. So if you use the default settings, iMessages They are synced to all Apple devices owned by the customer. Additionally, by default, a copy of the ‘smartphone”s data and settings is stored in iCloud.

Toffman insists that iMessage has end-to-end encryption, which generally prevents content damage. However, the expert emphasizes that the accumulation of data backups in iCloud includes, among other things, Storage of encryption keys, Which makes end-to-end encryption “pretty useless”.

The expert noted that the problem came to light after the pulpification was done last week An FBI document Describes news sites that are easily accessible to agents.

“If the target uses the iCloud backup, the encryption keys must also retrieve the content. [acceso legal]; If the target has messages enabled in iCloud, iMessages can also be purchased from iCloud Returns. “

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