Red Bull recognizes Seko Perez ‘s clarity of mind to repair his car

Mexico City /

When Bahrain Grand Prix Since last weekend, Sergio “Seco” Perez, He was about to give up racing due to a power failure, which he could solve without a little ingenuity and frustration, despite having some time to learn the operation of the car. Red bull.

The Czech had mental clarity He turned it off again as if his computer had failed. Like these types of intermittent breakdowns, the car then runs smoothly during the race. He recovered and did it wonderfully. He did not despair, did not lose his motivation, and progressedThe Red Bull engineer said, Paul Monaghan.

The Czech intro Not started yet, when the Mexican car was not recognized Suddenly everything went out, He lost contact with the engineers, the car came to a standstill, and track officials quickly backed them up and pushed the car, while Seko tried his best to restart it. Chose to disconnect the steering wheel Put it this way, a maneuver is very important and continues to resonate with enduring frustration, as Managan revealed in an interview Motorsport.

“It’s crazy. I was warming up the tires and everything was gone. I lost the engine and the battery, ”Perez explained at the end of the race, recalling the procedures he had followed.

“I was about to get out of the car, but I disconnected the steering wheel and put it back on I heard my engineer talking on the radio. We were able to move forward. ”

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