Neighbors and a sad answer to Elisa and Joel in Sabana Bertida

Crying, pain and anger are common feelings among neighbors and relatives of Joel Theas and Elisa Munoz, who were shot dead by members of the National Police last Tuesday night as a result of “chaos”.

Red and teary eyes have become a common class for everyone who comes to the neighborhood of the house where the newlyweds live, located on Las Colinas de Gusta Linda Street in Sabana Bertida.

“It shocked everyone,” said Cecilia Cabrera, one of the deceased’s neighbors.

Amidst the tear-jerking words, Cabrera said he still could not believe what had happened and that local children were still waiting for his arrival.

“Look at all those kids (pointing to a group of them) she’s still waiting to come,” he said.

On his side, Eliza’s uncle Raphael Espinal said the bodies of the married couple will be transferred from the Plantino Funeral Home on Sabana Larca Avenue in Santo Domingo Estேe.

On Good Friday the family is scheduled to have a Christian burial for them. It will be awake until 2:00 pm, from where they will go to the cemetery, as Elizabeth’s mother confirmed to this newspaper.

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