Reasons for Poomas’ defeat against the United States on the 12th

The cat team provided an excellent face, but specific bugs prevented them from getting a positive result at the Azteca Stadium grounds.

Mexico – Poomas fell to the United States in the Capital Classic. With this decision, the cats see their impulses further and further away, and they were at the end of the table in a state of many doubts and uncertainties about the future of the club.

Andres was unable to win against Lillini and his students Eagles They took advantage of the personal mistakes of the spectators, and although Santiago Solari was not so brilliant they acted effectively, giving them three points and a prize for leading the match.

And then inside ESPN Digital We present the reasons for that Puma The Capitol Classic lost this weekend.

Meridavo misses the target

Hikor Meridao He got a filtered ball in that area and joined hands with Guillermo Ochoa; However, the Cats midfielder was nervous and sent his shot to the side of the goal with his left foot.

It was only in the 7th minute Puma He had this option, it was very clear and it meant 0-1 in his favor, but given Merido’s poor definition, the audience wanted to sing the goal.

Favio Alvarez and his paradox

Argentine midfielder Gernimo Rodriguez came alone in the area to complete the cross, but the South American passed his title with a lot of clear will. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Guillermo Ochoa has already stopped and there is no sign around him, so Favio’s defeat would mean 0-1 in the game and Capitol Classic history would have taken another course.

Failure to start ends in failure

Gernimo Rodriguez was put on display due to poor technique for playing, and initially lost a ball when his team tried to give the pass, but the offending cat side scored the first goal. Finished on Alfredo Talavera’s network.

‘Zero’ received a pass from Nicholas Fryer and attempted a pass to the center, which was cut by Richard Sanchez and shot from three-quarters of the field to take Talavera forward, thus scoring the game’s first goal.

Puma can not be eagle superior

Arias Souls has not beaten the United States since February 17, 2019 in the Clausura competition. Back then, the Bruno Marioni-led side won 1-0 at the University Olympic Stadium, ending a five-year winning streak.

However, after that game, Poomas could not beat the eagles With today’s defeat he added seven games without winning, five of which were official and two friendly.

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