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Despite actively supporting the short life of his daughter Elisa Marie, the actor He recently expressed his desire not to continue with the minor acting he has with Geraldine Basson. The young woman had only been on the small screen for a few months, and although she enjoyed sharing the scenes with her mother and other colleagues, now she had to focus on something else.

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As recalled, Choto’s eldest daughter appeared for the first time in a romantic comedy Netflix “100 Days to Fall in Love”, Where she played her daughter Valentina Elisa Polanco, The quality of giving life to one’s mother, Geraldine Bajan.

For any parent, the education of their children is paramount and so are the parents Choto Bajan They are no exception and although the woman has proven to be talented in the profession that her parents do, she must first finish her studies and decide if she wants to work in the art world.

Like his parents, Minor wanted to enter the world of acting (Photo: Gabriel Choto / Instagram)

Elisa Marie by Gabriel Soto does not want to pursue employment

The desire to share a production set with his daughter has to wait a few years because the Mexican actor, along with the presenter, has come to an end. Elisa Marie He must first finish school, which means he will be absent for at least six years.

“We talked about it, his mother (Geraldine Bajan), She and I, now true We want him to finish school. Fortunately, this project happened. Given the circumstances of the epidemic, she did not have to go directly to school, she could take online classes, but now things are different. “, Choto announced

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Although she was able to continue taking classes while doing her pinnacles as an actress, the announcement of her return to the classroom was no longer possible:

“They’re already back to face-to-face classes. The truth is, I do not want him to miss school for acting work; as I told you, acting will always be, but ‘you have to finish school’ because I want you to get your basic education, right?”

The desire to share a product package with her daughter has to wait a few years (Photo: Gabriel Choto / Instagram)
The desire to share a product package with her daughter has to wait a few years (Photo: Gabriel Choto / Instagram)

Did any novel make Eliza Mary curious?

Despite being surrounded by minor artists and knowing his parents ’work intimately, it was only between 2018 and 2019 that he became interested in acting. Elisa Marie He went with his father to Telenovola’s record collection “Soltero con Hijos”, when a strange scene caught his attention:

“There was a novel I did a few years ago, there were three girls who came from my bridesmaids and became very close friends with them when Eliza came with me, especially one of them: her name is Ana Dena. Ana is a good actress, so when we leave the set Eliza will tell me: ‘But how does that make her cry?’ Then we would go in the car or come home and he would say to me: ‘I will cry Dad, I will cry.’ He would train until he won, and suddenly he said to me: ‘I can already, I can cry.’ You can see the tears in his eyes.

Choto notes that it was during those crying exercises that her daughter became interested in the art world because it was a great achievement for her to reflect on what other women did when the cameras recorded.

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