Heroic Rankings! Communication advanced under the snow in Denver to the quarterfinals

Creams Confederations advance to the next round of the Champions League with a brilliant performance by Kevin Moscoso

DENVER, Colorado – According to the national report, Communications sealed the ticket for the Concacaf Champions League quarterfinals by beating the Colorado Rapids 4-3 on penalties at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Denver. Meteorological Service.

The figure of the match is the goalkeeper Kevin Moscoso The one who was attentive during the penalty shots, was the key to stopping the last shots and was the defender. Nicholas Samoa Who changed the goal of communications success.

From the first moments of the match, the Colorado Rapids took center stage and dominated the ball against the Communications. Actually from three minutes, Diego Rubio Cream found a ball inside the area but could not shoot properly. In the next step, Kevin Moscoso Guatemala saves the team after a shot from Danny Wilson.

An action marking the game was eliminated Steven Robles 15 ‘. Communications defender made a mistake against the Aston trustee and the arbitrator, after reviewing the VAR, decided to send him.

The Colorado Rapids opened the scoring in the 28th minute. After a cross from the right, the Brazilian appeared Max Alves After he picked up the ball and made room for it, he finished with his right foot at the base of the goal guarded by Kevin Moscoso and leveled the overall score.

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Before going down, the Colorado Rapids pressed the match area in search of a second goal, and Kevin Moscoso became the protagonist who prevented the ball from entering his goal.

In the filling area, coach Willie Oliveira brought Nicolas Samoa into the defense of Rodrigo Saravia. Again Max Alves He was close to converting a second goal, however, when Juan Anangonon on the line blocked the score.

Finally a clear goal game led to the contact. Ecuador Juan Anangono He received a pass from Andres Lescano, but the attacker could not define exactly.

In the 62 ‘minute, the game had to be stopped for a while because of the snow and the whole field was whitewashed, so some stadium staff entered to clear the field.

The Colorado Rapids continued to reach the match goal and Kevin Moscoso responded. In the 77th minute, a center from the left seemed to enter the goal, however, Kevin Moscoso started himself right.

Minute 88 ‘The Colorado Rapids scored the second goal of the match, however, Diego Rubio defined the advanced position and canceled the VAR score. Thus the commitment in the penalty shootout was limited.


In the penalty kicks, Jose Contreras, Jorge Abaricio and Alexander Larin scored for the Communicians, while Nicolas Samoa scored the last shot. Oscar Sandis, Jose Correna and Kevin Lopez missed their shots.

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