Realia, an alternative space for art appreciation and learning

the Independent artistic promotion It can leave many satisfactions, one of which is sharing the understanding of art and its importance through contemporary methodologies.

When you have the opportunity to manage spaces to spread and promote aesthetic activities, Promotion leaves a pleasant aftertasteYou participate in and are part of creative processes, past and present.

he Realia Institute in Xalapa He has these visions and missions, and so does he Anniversary celebration More than just being in the heart of the state capital, where meetings, exhibitions and academic activities point to one The noblest spiritual tasks From human beings: the plastic arts in their various manifestations.

he The birth of an idea to Realia Its scope is created by Alejandro Mariano, who in turn surrounds himself with experts to promote artistic development in diverse fields.

he He graduated in history from the University of Veracruzana, received a graduate degree in Heritage and Tourism from the Ortega y Gasset University in Madrid and a doctorate in contemporary history from the University of the Basque Country. civil service In the cultural field and today, it expands for us as connoisseurs of art the possibilities to understand it. Realia's doors have been open since 2006With a commercial art gallery.

Realia As its name indicates, it opens us to a Endless possibilities (Multiple realities) In terms of understanding the creative phenomenon and society, let us then enjoy this space.

Congratulations Alejandro, L Building bridges in construction For a better world, where art and art open clear and healthy human communication for good coexistence.

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