Isolation challenges will have space in the Cortes from March 14

Three months after it approved the PP, PSOE and Sumar proposal, the Joint Congressional-Senate Committee on the Island set a date for its meeting. First business meeting: It will be on March 14, with an agenda that has not yet been finalized but includes several initiatives related to connecting the islands.

The Island Commission, which has been promoted to address the specific problems affecting the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands and the challenges they face due to their archipelago status, begins work with a view to meeting Once a month throughout the semester And maintain it Away from political controversyto Which is usually held in plenary sessions.

“All political groups are clear on that It's an opportunity “Because this is the first time that a committee has been created in the Cortes to talk about island territory,” says its president, a Socialist Workers Party senator from Tenerife. Jose Antonio Valbuena“And we do not want to pollute it with the same issues that always end up appearing in the national debate. We have agreed that there is no amnesty or Waterloo, here we will only talk about the issues that need to be done with the islands,” he added.

Valbuena is convinced that the committee members, who represent the vast majority of the islands' territory, will put confrontation aside to focus on reaching agreements that will improve the lives of the islanders. “in the end It's about defending the islands“Regardless of political color and political depth, everyone has his own point of view, otherwise it will only lead to the committee disqualifying itself,” the senator asserts.

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Also deputy of the People's Party in Tenerife and first secretary of the committee, Laura LimaHe stressed that in the isolation body, “a good atmosphere of friendliness, proactiveness, and a lot of enthusiasm prevails,” stressing that “we all agree that You have to give him activity He adds: “They took advantage of the opportunity available to the Canary Islands to have a body through which they could speak and propose issues that fully affect the territory of the island, especially the Canary Islands.”

As an initial step, the board and spokespersons will meet Thursday to make the decision Number of initiatives Which corresponds to each group and intervention times.

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