Gregorio Pernia has left The House of Fame

A few minutes before the broadcast Famous House 4, one of the members of the Telemundo network announced today that he is leaving the show. “My family encouraged me to come here,” he said. Gregorio Bernia While bidding farewell to his comrades. “It was a great learning experience where I had patience and endurance … I thought it would be different.”

This news fell like a bucket of cold water on all the participants, because even though a week ago Bernia was begging to leave the famous house, her fans saved her. “When I entered [otra vez a la casa] I felt like my heart had been ripped out,” he explained. “I never thought I suffered from claustrophobia, I'm a free man; I also missed my family a lot. “It was a good experience.”

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After being saved last Monday, a fight broke out like never before seen on a Telemundo reality show. Lubilo Rivera And Alfredo Adam They exchanged explosives. The reason? Brother of deceased singer Jenny Rivera While Fuego was talking to the girls in the room he protected Bernia and gave them a message Mariana Gonzalez, who came out House... “He [Gregorio] “It was very quiet,” he analyzed. Natalia Algozar, He was one of the guests at the function yesterday.

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There was nothing quiet, as Bernia denied that her talk with Fuego was strategy, much less what she admitted to the fight that ensued. truly, Franka She openly stated that she had no faith in Pernia because she was convinced that her entire speech was a ploy to win over the public. “I'll trust him until he's gone [de la casa]” said the announcer.

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and today, The TD That probably left Prongida pretty quiet. “The public chose and I returned home very badly,” the actor explained of his reaction when he heard the public had saved him, and he ended bluntly.

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“A dishonest, misogynist can't win a reality show. Clovis and Lubilo [los] Successful candidates. “We're here to send a positive message … the whole family looks up to us.”

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