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Exciting atmosphere at Barcelona SC to face Two closing dates In the first stage of the Pro League, they will try to pass the stages to win the first stage.

tamers of bulls They added 28 units and were one point behind the leader, Freedom of the Valley (29), But not only will they win their last two games, but the streakers will be hoping to falter. Like Aucas, Yellow is second in the ranking with the same points.

After the end of the postponed games on the 5th, the standings look like this, with Barcelona SC winning against Liga de Quito.

In the final dates, Barcelona will have rivals from Ambateno. On the 14th you will receive a university technicianNinth in the table with 16 points after a 1-0 win against Orense SC.

On the final day, the bull tamers will visit Ambado to face Musuk RunaPoncito is in tenth place with 15 units, with two consecutive wins and a significant improvement under the command of Ever Hugo Almeida.

to win, 15 Barcelona need to add 34 points to dateThe lowest ceiling that Independiente can reach is (35).

Another fight with the AucasThis is the same score as Barcelona (28), but Has the best goal difference15 points advantage compared to 14 points added by bullfighters.

With this panorama, Although the situation is exciting for the yellow team, they need to win both of their games firstto enter Dependent on striped and oriental faults We want to register as finalists of 2024 Pro League (T).

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