And “Nene” Obondo? Motagua announces to be looking for a high-tech specialist

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Motagua Football Club Looking for a top quality coach to regain prominence after Argentina’s successful phase Diego Vasquez.

Blues is present Caesar “Nene” Obondo But in the blue box they hope to have a renowned technical director.

Xavier Atala, One of the club’s top managers and a member of the selection commission spoke on Tuesday about Mottagua’s future, and revealed that biodata of several coaches were on their desks.

Nene Obando has been given an internship, they are looking for a coach, but they are still looking for him, and Amado Guevara is mentioned.

We give Obando a ‘chance’, he has three games with one win and two defeats; We are analyzing bringing someone else to the next championship, but we want to leave Nani on the team, that’s what we are talking about, and now we are trying to turn this around because we have suffered two consecutive defeats. Something we had not seen in several days in Modagua.

People get emotional when they hear Amado Guevara

Amado has a residence issue and (US) cannot leave. He gets his US citizenship and he has to be here for a while to leave, I do not know when it will expire, but when he tells us, we need to see why it is possible.

Is not coming the big obstacle?

He must be in the United States, we talked or was told about him.

Looking for a high quality technician?

If we’ve not with the current coach, the idea is to bring in someone with a higher profile.. We spoke (of the command) that we should follow (the path) of what we reap. Diego (Vasquez) took his time, he did a good job, he made us fight for first places and we have to continue on the same path as we are used to fighting for the championship. You need to find the right people to achieve your goals.

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Can I imagine multiple resumes coming in?

We have a full desk, but the idea is to bring in the top person.

In Costa Rica they mention that Walter Senteno may come, did they kick him out?

I do not know the names, but we are looking for. At the moment we support Nene because he is a good coach, he has a future and Motacua has a lot of responsibility, and we are looking for the best formula for someone who can withstand this pressure because there is a lot of pressure when losing a game. From the media, fans and managers.

Are you satisfied with the current situation of foreigners in Motagua?

You have to give them a chance, they have some time, they do not play for many minutes, there is always adaptation when they come from outside, we are waiting for that, but I see a future for them.

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