“Real Time Location” Tangent Space Theatrical Experience Lab

summary: “Location in Real Time” is a collective creative work that blends fictional texts with literal text; The actors' words were recorded and transcribed, and from them we created character maps that guided us through their experiences and emotions.

We start from a text by Juan Mayorga to draw maps that guide us and also help us reconstruct memory. This is how we recover the car workshop as a place of games, childhood through the senses or the homes in which we live.

Final sample for representative testing laboratory.

Technical file

Angela Asensio
Javier Blanco
Fernando Curiel
Beatrice de la Fuente
Javier Mediavilla
Anthony Ross
Javier San Eustaquio
Belen Serrano
Beatrice Swaldia

About Tangent Space Theatrical Experiments Lab

Espacio Tangente's Theatrical Experiments Laboratory has been operating since 2007, directed by several creatives and teachers such as Cecilia Pérez Pradal, Lidia González Zuilo, Ismini Espejel, and currently by Beatriz Sualdia. It is shaped as a space where improvisations, manipulation of objects and body movement take place.

It is a place where different stimuli of imagination are trained through the dynamics of acting training and theatrical exercises.

There is also a reflection on the theatricality of material appearing in or contributed to the same sessions, which revolves around the idea of ​​the creative actor.

You can get your tickets at Espacio Tangente from €8 in advance and for members or from €10 at the box office.

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