The 130,000 years old New species are found by Our Scientists and they Discover Fossilized pieces2021

Our Scientists found 1,30,00 years old human bone and skull from their research. Yes, the Israel scientists stumbled upon the unexpected discovery of the fossilized pieces for the bone dug near to the cement plant. Some fragments are present in the skull and the lower jaw, it was explained that these skulls and teeth are present approximately 130,000 years ago. These species are based on the homo species. The researchers gave the new name for the skull and lower jaw. The researchers are explained that there are different species of the human is never been before. It was called the Nesher Ramla Homo after it was found in the location southeast of Tel Aviv where it is easily discovered.

Nesher Ramla Homo': New Early Human Discovered in Israel

The human also had particular characteristics which are unseen in other skeleton findings from the same period. It is considered as a flat skull with very large teeth and its Jaz bone does not have any type of chain. The researchers also found that Neshser Ramla Homo had these types of items only. It was considered as the homo sapiens for more than 100,00 years and they have also believed the precursor for the Neanderthal. The discovery reflects that everything is found by human evolution on the earth.

This discovery is considered as the new type of Homo and it is considered of great scientific importance for the Tel Aviv University statement. It enables the new sense for finding human fossils and it also adds another piece of the puzzle of human evolution. It understands the migration of humans from all over the world. The Nesher Ramala also had unusual skull anatomy but the study is said to resemble pre-neanderthal groups in Europe. It also makes more suggestions from the Nesher Ramla group and it had the large group which sat in the very earlier stage of the European group. And they explained that science easily explains the homo sapiens genes which are present in the earlier Neanderthal population in Europe.

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Furthermore, the Nesher Ramla is missing the link and the species have interbred with the homo sapiens. The 3D shape analysis ruled the relation for any of the group and the researchers also had to match the small number of human fossils in the Israel scientists. They are also said to have the geographical location which allows the different human population to meet and mix within it. It is spreading throughout the world. Moreover, they are also said that the fossil look is like that the intermediate variety of the human and it was preceded by the Neanderthals in the area.

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