Kate Middleton's health will be very delicate: “She is very sick”

The British monarchy is going through turbulent times due to the health problems of two of its most important members: the king Charles III And Kate Middleton.

Cancer of the Princess of Wales This was a shock not only to the family but also to the international community. Until she herself revealed her condition, there was a lot of speculation.

While her schedule has been canceled and she's self-isolating since it was announced in March, reports have surfaced about Kate's feelings about her health. According to the international press, Kate will feel guilty for not fulfilling her royal duties.

Princess of Wales' life as she battles cancer
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Learn about the past and present of the king, philanthropist and mother of three.

Lady Colin Campbell, author of the book “Meghan and Harry: The Real Story: Persecutors or Victims” and Princess Diana's first biographer, told the Spanish magazine Mujer Hoy that Kate's health was very delicate and unwell. Treatment is exhausting. “She needs to take time off to recover and be able to take care of her three very young children.” “That's right, she's too sick to be active.”

Now, completely removed from public life, it is hoped that he will take up some professional responsibilities this year, but Campbell estimates that he is not expected to reappear in the coming months.

The author shows great admiration for Prince William, who is enjoying his most delicate moments as a husband, son, and father: “The English are very aware of the adverse circumstances in which Prince William had to live. He does what anyone can do in your place.

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In these troubled circumstances, and even more so now with a new electoral process, figures such as Beatrice of York, daughter of Prince Andrew, and Sarah Ferguson are in the spotlight. Lady Colin hopes more will appear in public engagements in the coming months.

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