Raul Velasco takes everything against Talia, and it happened

In recent days, the controversial video has become popular on social networks like Dictoc, we will show why, because it is undoubtedly the most controversial topic Singer Talia.

In recent days, a video has gone viral since the 1990s in which Talia Always on the Sunday show was directly criticized by Raul Velasco, who pointed to the singer’s image and called him “current”.

There is a lot to talk about on social networks after the new reaction of the singer’s followers.

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The translator of “Amore a la Mexicana” and many of his incredible songs, apart from talent and charisma, express eroticism and have been recognized from the beginning of his career for his incredible style.

It should be noted that the photos coincide with a short interview with Talia Alves on Sunday in 1990, when she finished her fourth appearance on the show, explaining that her biggest hit was “Yellow Blue”.

Raul Velasco congratulated him for his participation and then made an “observation”, which has been pointed out as a critique of the singer’s followers.

I would like to make a very positive observation: “You have undergone a tremendous evolution from the day you debuted on the show until now,” the host began by saying before criticizing Talia’s image, disguised as flattery, which has been pointed out by users as “criticism.”

“This dress you have now resembles the dress of a young, happy woman … They took off the electricity they had on the first day and now it’s fine. Look at you, nothing else,” he said.

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Thus, despite the criticism, the singer was calm and smiling at all times, and thanked the driver for the “compliments” that were not so important at the time.

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In recent days, however, users of social networking sites have been protesting against these kinds of accusations against the image of artists.

On the other hand, Talia recently remembered her mother Donna Yolanda Miranda 10 years after she left because the singer was honored with a beautiful photo of one of the best women in her life.

Yolanda Miranda, mother of Talia and Laura Sabada, died of a stroke on May 27, 2011.

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The singer and actress, who recently found themselves very close in caring for their grandmother’s health, paid tribute to the woman who gave life to a decade they died.

A few days after sharing how to keep in touch with her grandmother every day, Talia shared a photo in which she appeared with her mother and went with her with an emotional message.

Today my beautiful mother left 10 years ago. I will always love you mommy “

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One of the comments on Talia’s release that caught my attention the most was the opinion of famous actress Ludvika Baletta.

My mom has been a month so dear. I always think of you on these dates. “

Apart from Talia, Laura Sabada also paid tribute to her mother on social media.

Today my mom Yolanda Miranda Mange is 10 years old. I celebrate your eternal life, thank you for watching over me from heaven. I ask for a prayer for your eternal rest. கிழித்தெறிய “

As you may remember, when Talia passed the bitter pill of losing her mother, the singer took refuge in music and wrote a song inspired by her.

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It’s about “Manias”, a song he composed a week after he lost and is part of his solo album, dedicated to Donna Yolanda, “Habatom Siamese”.

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