Real Madrid and Sevilla leave La Liga hot; ‘Athletic’ depends on itself

Real Madrid saved the last piece of furniture … but it left the league in the hands of an Atletico de Madrid, who happily got the white stumble after a substantial draw at the Camp Nou with no need to add cushions and nine points left to snatch a title for now.

Lalika A weekend that started with Madrid’s victory at Camp Nou and ended with turmoil again went crazy. Looks like no one wants to take the title ahead of time …

Atletico took the lead with 77 points, while Madrid and Barcia with 75 points and 71 runs from Hook to Sevilla swept to victory until the last breath. All of this with three days to be considered crazy until the end of the championship on May 23rd. Real Sociedad and Osasuna, who are at home to finish in Valladolid, are the remaining games for Atletico. Madrid should visit Granada and then finish at home against Athletics and Villarreal. Porcia Levante visits host Zelda and ends up in Eber.

Whatever the case may be, in Valdez they went from one sentence to another in favor of Madrid, which was signaled by the VAR, in favor of Sevilla. And is converted Rocketic On the way to getting Zidane out of the fight, up to a home goal Diego Carlos Despite clarifying the gruesome week that began with KO in the Champions League against Chelsea and ended with a dive against Lopetegui’s men, it is understood that in extra time mitigating the catastrophe, it went beyond decisive.

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On Tuesday, in Valencia, ahead of a dangerous Lavender, Persia will have the opportunity to re-lead the leadership and put pressure on Atletico, which will receive Real Sociedad a day later at the Metropolitano, and today at the table in fifth place with Villarreal and Bettis in battle. For Real Madrid, who arrive in Granada on Thursday, the pressure is huge. The need to add all the points without hiding all three applicants, considering what has happened in the last few days, no one can guarantee that one of them is going to get it.

The first episode, Midweek, is under great pressure for everyone, considering everything that happens before the two final days play out with integrated schedules. With the results of the past few weeks, it has given the impression that the champion wants to celebrate the title with the resignation of his opponents rather than his own qualifications.

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