Laugh at me but I believe in my team: Nacho Ambris Mediotaimbo

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Toluca had a poor first half actors Pachuca scored four goals against him, then finish the second a hit. Despite being at a disadvantage on the scoreboard, Ignacio Ambris He went out with the bullets in his chest “screwed because the thing inside is a lot of punishment” knows“, He said that He has full faith in the team.

They may laugh at meit’s okay, I trust this group. Today We had a bad first half With many errors Against a strong opponent We have no choice but to heal our wounds. speak up children Y They were not left for dead. There is time to heal well. A front Great coachA team that plays very well, but You can see the series is dead for us, but internally I don’t. I am going to go to Pasukka and prepare the team to do the honours,” he said in a press conference.

Ambris said the first half of the Devils game was a nightmare And there they are Tusos They scored four of the five goals they conceded.

Dream first timeWe had a bad first half and they made a lot of mistakes. If we talk about performance, Pachuca scores five and five; We had six and kept one. There was a very strong group, but In the second half we created chances that we didn’t score on”, he emphasized.

The result is a very strong power of Pachuca We made many mistakes the first time. It feels like a lot of punishment rather than a gameBut that’s how it is. Internally, things are chaoticBut there are two 45-minute halves where we have to play. We have much to lose and much to gain. I heard they were giving us up for dead, that’s fine, my group will have to give another face on Sunday.

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