RD sets Guinness World Record for largest pachata dance

The The Dominican Republic received the title of “An Achievement for Pachatta”Gaining world recognition from Guinness World Records for amassing over 500 couples who danced to the theme’s rhythm on George Washington Avenue. “SorryI ”, with a product AZ Movies.

Hundreds of people were standing there Dock From Santo Domingo, thousands of others were crowned months of hard work, winning the record for the world’s largest pachata dance when it was part of history on Telecistema, Channel 11 and the YouTube channel of AZ Films Productions. Achievement for the country.

In the midst of an epidemic COVID-19 And all the couples and the production team completed the vaccination phase, taking all necessary health measures for the relevant agencies, which is one of the key responsibilities since this initiative was announced.

Alberto Jayas, producer and ideologue, Showed satisfaction in bringing the title of country with the best pachatta dance to the Dominican Republic, especially since this type of land arises, and supported the proposal to hold it on such a special date. . Maestro Louis Segura declared December 11 “National Pachata Day”.

489 couples danced pachatta on the boardwalk.

The event coincides with a series of events that coincide with this date, which commemorates the 11th birthday of the singer-songwriter. Victor Victor, The release of Juan Louis Guerrero’s album Pachata Rosa and declares Pachata an extraordinary tradition of humanity United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Susanna Reyes has been named the official judge of the Guinness Book of World Records for completing all aspects of national recognition.

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Selected to receive this record, “Pena Bor de” was produced by Antonio Gonzalez, with studio recordings by Mártires de León, Juan Abel Martínez (Abelito), and Radhamés Reyes (Meme). In that important and proven tribute were the voices of Joe Veras, Kiko Rodriguez, Daniel Santa Cruz and Alexandra Rodriguez, who teamed up with Maestro Louis Sekura.

Marcos Taveras and Laura Ramirez were the choreographers in charge of the dance, with 600 couples dancing for 5 minutes, which set Guinness World Records and they produced more than ten dance schools for several months.

The Office of the Mayor of the National District, headed by its Mayor Carolina Mejia, the Ministry of Culture, as well as the Ministries of Defense and Public Health, provided their support and assistance at every stage of this record. The goal was reached on this day. Induveca, Banreservas, Cervecería Nacional Dominicana (CND), OPAL, Sambil, Caribe Tour, Crowne Plaza Santo Domingo, Microfunction FGLE and Oficina Metropolitana de Servicios de Autobuses (Servicios de Autobuses) are the sponsors of this achievement.

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Dance schools and institutions participate

Santo Domingo & National District


Learn to dance for 21 hours

Bailimos R.D.

21 hours of tropical dances

Contemporary Folk Ballet (Catherine Felice)

Ballet Folklorico ITSC

Ballet Folklorico Jose Castillo (USA – Director Kenya Garcia)

Ballet Folklorico Los Mina & UNARED

Ballet Folklorico UAST

Ballet Folklorico UAST

Ida Guzman Dance Center

Stars Dance Center

Reyes Dance School

Fay y Allegri Sabana missed school

Monica Vargas Dance Studio

Dance Troupe (PUCMM University)

Independent Dance Troupe (Amber Pacheco)

Group Expression Cultural de Hyena

Grubo Fochlorico Sangre Mulatta

APEC Folkorico Group


Kimbara Academy de Donza

Legion g

Master Dance

Thousand Steps Dance Studio

Move studios

N27 Dance Academy


ON2 Studio

Latin Rhythm

Salsa Group

Santo Domingo Touch

If you dance

UNICEF University

DUARTE Province

Ballet Folklorico (UCNE) of Nordestana Catholic University

Ballet Folklorico UAST (San Francisco de McGorse Campus)


Eastern University


Cultural house of La Vega

Kill us


Monsignor Noel

Peters Dance School

Monte Plata Peravia

Ballet Folklorico Infotos (Resinto Eugenio Maria de Hostos)

San Cristobal

Ballet Folklorico Cruz Arjo

Ballet Folklorico de San Cristobal

Ballet Folklorico Nakruvas

House of Hyena Culture

Los Constituents Dance School

Cultural expression of hyena

Teacher Training Institute Salom Urea (ISFODOSU)

San Pedro de Magoris

Municipal Ballet Folklorico (San Pedro de Magoris)

Ballet Folklorico UCE

Ballet Folklorico Universidad Central del Este

San Pedro de Magoris Dance Class

Sanchez Ramirez

Ballet Folklorico Udego

Kottoi dance

School of Dance (Leo Ortega)

UTECO University


Ballet Folklorico di Santiago

The center of Santiago culture

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