WhatsApp Icon: How to change it and put on a Christmas hat

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There is no doubt that the application Share Because every time it continues to add more followers Makes communications so much easier Among the people, along with the truth Is constantly being updated, Which allows it to keep its users Additional options when using the app.

With this in mind, the application has not been abandoned and has provided convenience to its users Put the app in a very Christmas style, From now on You can put the hat on the WhatsApp icon So there too Enjoy this holiday.

Before explaining, however How To Put A Christmas Hat On WhatsApp Icon, It is important that you are familiar with this option at this time Only available for Android devices, If you have iOS You may not enjoy this option at this time.

How to put a Christmas hat on the WhatsApp icon?

The first step is to customize the icon ShareFor this you need to go to your browser Google And look for one WhatsApp picture with Christmas hat; Here, it is very important The image is in PNG format, I.e., the application logo should stand alone only with the decoration and it should have a transparent background.

Once the image is selected, download it; Then, you need to download Processor called Nova Launcher. Then you need to open the app and accept the customization of your mobile Press and hold the WhatsApp icon Until the “Edit” option appears.

At that time, the application Allows you to change the icon by opening your gallery And select the image you previously downloaded in PNG format. When you click the Save Changes icon Share It will change and go into Christmas mode.

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