Raul Melara resigns as Attorney General and reiterates that his dismissal is unconstitutional

Melara made his resignation public, at the same time pointing out that his dismissal was unconstitutional, “lacking a legal basis and due process”.

After a day of silence, just after 9pm on Sunday, Raல்l Mாராlora spoke about his dismissal as Attorney General of the Republic, who approved the new legislature on Saturday night, dominated by delegates related to Buckley.

Melara made his resignation public, at the same time pointing out that his dismissal was unconstitutional, “lacking a legal basis and due process”. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

In a letter to her Twitter account, Melara denied all allegations against her and promised to have a record of “honesty and efficiency”. In addition, he said that during his tenure he processed the people regardless of interest.

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However, Melara pointed out that she was submitting her irrevocable resignation out of concern for the well-being of her family, and that “it is not in my control to have the necessary guarantees to abide by that position.”

Melara’s term of office ended on January 5, 2022.

Remove your post from Twitter

Earlier on Sunday, on her Twitter profile, Melara took over the post describing herself, before 64 delegates approved the decision by President Naib Bukel.

“Husband – father of 3 – lawyer”, which now reads in the information leading to his account on the social network.

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During the first plenary session, which ended this morning, the ruling party-led parliament approved the removal of Melara from the ministry.

According to Deputy Numan Salkado, who supported the request for dismissal, the question of “his freedom and impartiality” required to use the post was denied by Melara since he took office, as he was attached to the arena. Melara said on that occasion that the former candidate for the party’s presidency was the only friend.

In place of Melara, delegates were sworn in by Rodolfo Antonio Delgado, who arrived at the FGR headquarters this Sunday morning, accompanied by National Civil Police (PNC) Director Mauricio Arias Sikas.

Delcado hosted the first conference earlier this Sunday. However, access was only allowed to the state media.

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“It’s about merging with @PNCSV. With all the deputy directors on my side, I conducted inquiries.

“What is being done today (Saturday) in the legislature, with the majority that the people have given them by voting, is a conspiracy,” warned Arena deputy Rene Portillo Quadra.


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